• Hoisting the Trophy

    Hoisting the Trophy

    The ULS football team hoist their trophy after defeating the URA team 2-1 at the KCCA football grounds on the ULS Sports Day held on 14 March 2015.

  • Member Contributing at the Amendments ot CPR & MRA Meeting

    Member Contributing at the Amendments ot CPR & MRA Meeting

    A ULS member contributes at the consultative meeting on the proposed amendments to the Civil Procedure Rules and Mutual Recognition Agreements for the legal profession on 04 February 2015

  • 4th Annual ULS Pro-Bono Day

    4th Annual ULS Pro-Bono Day

    Members who attended the 4th Annual ULS Pro-Bono Day event pose for a photo with the Netherlands Ambassador to Uganda, H.E. Alphons Hennekens; Justice of the Court of Appeal, Hon. Remmy Kasule and the read more

  • UNWG Meeting on the Child Justice Manual

    UNWG Meeting on the Child Justice Manual

    Members of the ULS - Strengthening Access to Justice for Children and Youths in East Africa (SAJCEA) together with members of the Uganda National Working Group (UNWG) who attended a meeting

President's Message


Dear Member,

It gives me pleasure to invite you to the forthcoming Annual Conference on 24th April and the 2015 Annual General Meeting of the ULS on 25th April, 2015. Both events will be held at the Imperial Resort Hotel, Entebbe where we have an exciting program lined up to deliver a pleasant experience for you. The Notice of the AGM has been sent to you already on email and was also run in Newspapers.

Our Chief Guest at the Conference is The Hon. The Chief Justice of the Republic of Uganda, Justice Bart Katureebe. It is such an honour for us to host him do deliver his maiden address to members of the Bar. He will be accompanied by The Hon. The Principal Judge, Dr. Justice Yorokamu Bamwine and The Attorney General, Hon. Frederick Ruhindi.  All our guests are very much looking forward to this event and to interacting with all of you.

The Hon. Chief Justice will share with us his vision for the future, his road map for excellence for the Judiciary and how the Bench and the Bar shall deal with the challenges that lie ahead.
This is a great opportunity for us to build a strong working relationship with partners with whom we share a common sense of purpose and vitality not just the Judiciary but with the Attorney General’s Chambers as well.

I look forward to seeing you all both at the Conference and at the Annual General Meeting.

Yours sincerely,
Ruth Sebatindira
President, Uganda Law Society

Upcoming Events

Apr 25
ULS Annual Conference and General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting is the largest gathering of the legal fraternity across the country – a meeting place of more than 1500 lawyers and legal professionals from around the region. FREE ENTRY (Strictly for Paid up Members 2015)

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