President's Message

Dear Colleagues,
A Happy New Year to you all.

Today I write to bring our collective attention back to a long-standing issue the lack of a Chief Justice and Deputy Chief Justice. My communication is prompted by the fact that the New Law Year is due to open on 16th January 2015, in the usual fashion with a ceremony at the High Court Grounds. As ULS, we have been invited to attend the ceremony in keeping with tradition.

As you are all aware, save for the High Court, we have not had substantive leadership for the Judiciary for about 2 years now. Over the last sixteen months or so, we kept our hope high that the issue would be resolved quickly. It has not been resolved.

It is intended that the ceremony will be performed, for the second year running, without a Chief Justice and/or a Deputy Chief Justice in place. It is intended that we should carry on as if all is well. It is my belief that we have to adopt a different approach as to how we support the Judiciary on this matter.

You may recall that when we attended last year's opening of the New Law Year I made remarks about this issue. We honestly beli...Read More

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