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President Simon Peter M. Kinobe

Simon Peter M. Kinobe – Partner KMT Advocates and President, Uganda Law Society 2018- 2019

A Society About the Members, for the Membership.
Where Dreamers and hard workers thrive.
An opportunity for all.

About Simon Peter:
• Bachelor of Laws from Makerere University (Hons).
• A Diploma in Legal Practice from the Law Development Center.
An advocate who specializes in construction law, arbitration, and conveyancing. Simon is a founding partner of KMT advocates a firm that started as a two desk law firm and has now grown to a mid size law firm. Simon has been working as the managing partner of KMT (Kinobe, Mutyaba) Advocates and has in the past served in the following capacities before:
• Senior Inspectorate Officer, Inspectorate of Government (IGG)
• Lecturer Faculty of Law, Kampala International University (KIU)

ULS Experience:
Simon served as a ULS Council Member in 2016 and 2017 and has been pivotal in the current innovations of the present Council in creating the Uganda Law Society that we as members want. Before this he served as the Chairman of the Members' Welfare Committee at the Uganda Law
Society where members' benefits were introduced.

Core Values & Qualites
He values discipline, integrity, dedication and consistency in all aspects of life. These are qualities that help him carry out all his duties, keep all commitments as well as produce high quality results in all undertakings and assignments as President.
Simon is ambitious and holds himself to a high standard.
His vast experience in working with people of diverse backgrounds and walks of life has facilitated the development of his ability to blend into different environments. This enables him to work with different people in his walk as president.

Objectives as President
• To consolidate the positive gains of the society in enhancing the brand of Uganda Law Society.
• Create a leveled business ground for all
• Positioning the members for new opportunities


Oct 04
ULS Rule of Law Day
ULS Rule of Law Day 2019