Become an Advocate


  1. An application for enrolment.
  2. Affidavit in support of application. (Must be commissioned and registered)
  3. Declaration in verification of names where the order of the names in the Degree and Diploma Certificates vary (must be Commissioned and registered)
  4. Certified copies of the Degree and LDC Certificates.
  5. Two recommendations from Advocates with current practicing certificates and must have practiced for more than three years.
  6. Deed poll where the applicant adds another name other than those on the Degree and Diploma Certificates, or where the applicant has additional name(s) in one of the certificates, or where the applicant changes his/her names.
  7. A marriage certificate -where a person marries, and adds or changes her name.
  8. All documents must be filed in duplicate.
  9. The application and supporting documents must bear the same date         and must be filed at the same time save for the recommendations which may be earlier but not later dates.
  10. All documents must be chronologically filed in the following order and annextures properly and correctly marked:
    1. Application
    2. Affidavit in support
    3. Statutory Declaration in verification of names
    • Annexure “A” -Degree Certificate (if any)
    • Annexure “B” - Diploma Certificate
    •  Annexure “C” and “D” - Letters of recommendation
    • Annexure “E” - Deed poll (if any)
    • Annexure “F”- Marriage Certificate (if any)
    • Any other documents relevant to the application
  11. An advocate recommending applicant must state the period and professional capacity in which he/she has known the applicant; i.e. Lecturer, supervisor during Clerkship, or supervisor at current place of employment.
  12. Both letters of recommendation must not come from the same law firm, organization etc.
  13. Both letters of recommendation must not bear the same content.
  14. Applicants must provide 2 pass port photographs taken when dressed in dark suit and white shirt.
  15. Applicants must pay Shs. 45, 000/= payable at Diamond Trust Bank, Kampala Road branch.
  16. Copy of the Notice in the Uganda Gazette, of the applicant's application.

Download The Advocates Act.


Dec 05
Developments in Construction Law Training
The training will enhance the lawyers’ Opportunities in the construction industry and will address recent developments in standard form construction contracts, risk allocation and management and Dispute Resolution in construction law.
Dec 13
Annual Lawyers Ball
ULS will hold it's Annual Lawyer's Ball/Dinner on Friday 13th December 2019. The tickets to the dinner will cost UGX 200,000 and will garner 2 CLE points for Advocates who'll attend. Please endeavor to register early for smooth planning.