Frequently Asked Questions


1) How are CLE hours determined?

CLE points are determined by the Professional Development and Training Committee that offers policy guidance to the Professional Development Department. Consideration is made of the course content, value addition to the member and the period over which it has been held

2) How can one obtain information on CLE activities?

This information can be obtained from the CLE Calendar, the ULS website, from newspaper adverts or from the ULS Secretariat located on Plot 5A Acacia Avenue, Kololo, Kampala

3) How can one determine the CLE hours one has accumulated?

For now, until this is fully updated on the website, one can determine their

CLE hours by emailing the Program Officer Members’ Affairs on, or by calling on +256 414 342424

4) Does ULS provide free trainings for up-country lawyers?

Yes it does, as and when funds allow. If not, we offer a highly subsidized workshop for the members in the different regions.

5) Why can’t the society always stick to the CLE Calendar given out to members?

The reason for this is that ULS is not solely able to fund CLE, and gets a contribution from donors like the Justice, Law and Order Sector (JLOS). This contribution is however not usually on time, hence causing us to postpone some of our activities to a later date. We try to minimize this, and always notify members of up-coming events. We also maintain a message on the Calendar that states that, “Please note that this Calendar is subject to some changes. There is also a possibility of other programmes coming up during the year”

6) What are the accounts one can use to pay one's subscriptions and also pay for CLE Events?

Below are the account details for ULS subscription, EALS subscription and CLE payment.

ACCOUNT for ULS Subscription (UGX)
A/C Name: Uganda Law Society
A/C No: 0102010622400
Bank: Standard Chartered Bank
Branch: Speke Road

ACCOUNT for EALS Subscription (USD)
Name: East Africa Law Society
A/C No.: 0240060143801
Bank: Stanbic Bank
Branch: Forest mall

ACCOUNT for Continuing Legal Education Payments
A/C Name: Continuing Legal Education
A/C No.: OIL2540112900
Bank: DFCU Bank
Branch: Acacia


1) What is Pro-Bono?

Professional services of an advocate given for the public good to indigent

persons without charge

2) What is the difference between Pro-Bono hours and CLE hours?

Pro-Bono points are awarded on offering of Pro-Bono services, while CLE points are awarded on a member attending a Professional Development activity

3) Is Pro-bono compulsory for members?

Yes  it  is,  following  the  amendment  of  The  Advocates’  Act  to  include  a

provision for lawyers to offer mandatory Pro-Bono services.

4) What is the law that governs provision of Pro-Bono, and when did it become law?

Pro-Bono is provided for under the Advocates (Pro Bono Services to Indigent

Persons) Regulations 2009 [S.I No 39 of 2009]

5) How are Pro-Bono hours computed?

This position is going to be determined by the Pro-Bono Board once it is established


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