Benefits of ULS Membership

The Uganda Law Society is the Bar Association for lawyers in Uganda. From negotiating with and lobbying the profession’s regulators, government and others, to offering training and advice, we are here to help, protect and promote lawyers across Uganda. The Uganda Law Society also provides professional services, resources, support and benefits to its members and engages in activities designed to improve access to justice.

Members in the Uganda Law Society enjoy access to an assortment of benefits to help them become a better legal professional and assist with advocacy for the rule of law in Uganda and around the world that can broadly be categorized in the following broad areas:-

  1. Enriching members’ careers.
  2. Sharpen Members’ practice.


1. Enriching Members’ Careers

The ULS works to enrich members’ careers through practice specialty groups; opportunities for leadership, authorship and speaking engagements; and involvement in diversity, advocacy and public service initiatives.

  • Specialized User Groups and Forums offer access to programming and professionals concentrated on their respective practice specialty.
  • Committees and task forces within specialty groups allow members to develop a national, regional and international reputation through presentation, publication and leadership opportunities.
  • Diversity and inclusion initiatives, pro bono opportunities and advocacy efforts give members a voice on important topical national and regional issues.
  • Free career resources and career opportunities, including an online job board, helps members to explore new careers. ULS gives recommendations to members who need to travel abroad for work, need visas, or those who are applying for work permits in foreign countries.
  • Discourse with peers during all forms of meetings thus helping members keep in touch with each other as their careers progress
  • Great networking opportunities with members of the legal profession within and outside Uganda through social events like dinners, cocktails, regional and international conferences, exchange programmes. 

2.  Sharpen Members’ Practice

The ULS is committed all year round to sharpening members’ practice through CLE courses led by national and international experts and publications offering in-depth legal analysis.

  • The ULS CLE Programme, featuring Uganda’s most influential legal practitioners and experts in key fields of practice, allows you to earn up to 20 hours of CLE annually. Most of these CLEs are at a reasonable and affordable price.
  • Publications offer in-depth analysis of legal developments in your practice specialty.
  • An online mailing system that keeps our members updated on the latest developments in the sector, legislations, laws, bills, legal positions, important and interesting court decisions, precedents etc thus giving them an edge over non-members. 
  • Access to a fully stocked library where members can research on any legal issue. We also have the online law library which is free for members.

3.    Members’ Benevolent support

ULS stands by its members when they lose loved ones and family. ULS is planning on establishing a benevolent scheme whose purpose will be to take care of and educate children left behind by deceased members.

4.  Research and Dissemination of Information

ULS undertakes research, documentation and dissemination of information for the legal profession on topical, regional and global issues relating to the practice of law, human rights and the rule of law. We do this through monthly e-newsletters, interactive social media and the Society magazine – the Lawyers’ Voice. The newsletter and magazine offer an avenue for members who wish to be published as members are given the opportunity to submit articles to these publications.

5.  Member Protection

ULS stands by its mandate to protect its members and their practice, and will be at the forefront championing all legitimate membership causes. From challenging illegal bills and acts, to defending their sacrosanct legal and even human rights, ULS can be counted on by our members.


The Uganda Law Society is dedicated to helping law students achieve their potential by guiding the students to:-

  1. Watch their resume rise to the top of the stack;
  2. Discover their passion;
  3. Get professional guidance.

ULS does this by:

a)    Taking students on through internships, clerkships, and volunteer opportunities;

b)   Helping them discover their passion through free and affordable practice specialty groups with networking events;

c)    Introducing them to trending concepts like Pro Bono that every advocate encounters during their practice;

d)   Allowing them to attend free CLE courses to learn about the latest happenings in a field;

e)    Connecting them to work with lawyers on substantive issues.