President's Message

My fellow citizens,

Learned sisters and brothers of this noble fraternity in private practice, academia, civil society organizations, corporate organizations, government institutions and the various rungs of our bench.

First, I wish to acknowledge my fellow contestants and all those who vied for the various offices of the Society in the concluded elections. All of you were worthy candidates and your participation in the race made the new office holders even better contestants and added value to the race. I look forward to convening a meeting at which we will discuss a harmonization process that optimizes all the ideas of the different campaigns into a formidable Action Plan.

I also congratulate the successful candidates for the various posts.
The second collective victory we have achieved is that we’ve displayed the virtues of participatory democracy and set an example for issues-based campaigns, tolerance for divergent views and a culture of constructive engagement. This is a much-needed ingredient in the political arena of our country, across the spectrum and I am enthused that we have provided a blueprint for elections in this country.

I look forward to working together with you all in bettering our Bar Association.
I also would like to thank the Chairman of the Elections Committee and his members who invested a lot in innovation to ensure that we have a successful election.
I would like to appreciate the great Electorate of the ULS. There was a high voter turnout considering the elections were on a weekend, in this Covid-19 pandemic period. Thank you for exercising your civic duty.

Many thanks to my family, friends and the campaign team who invested a lot of time and love in this journey.

Last but most important of all, I would like to thank the Lord our God for a successful election and a humbling victory.

For God and My Country.

Pheona Nabasa Wall

Faithful, Available, Teachable