During this period, it was reported that the Inspector General of Government investigated

195 government accounting officers on allegations of making payments to 24,143 suspected ghost  pensioners  before  they  were  reportedly  temporarily  deleted  from  the  payroll.21

This came after the Ministry of Public Service conducted a second validation exercise for pensioners and queried the payments to the 24,143 in July, 2019. The ULS applauds the Inspectorate of Government for diligently following up on its mandate and ensuring that there is transparency and accountability in the public offices. 

The ULS also takes cognizance of the Japanese government which contributed $600,000 through the World Food Programme to boost nutrition of young children and lactating  mothers  in  Karamoja  region. 22It should be noted that cases of acutmalnutrition levels have been previously reported among children as a result of the pandemic; specifically it was noted that Moroto referral hospital receives at least five children with acute malnutrition every  day.23             We  therefore  applaud the effort by the stated govern to ensure that children receive basic food and nutrition tenable health growth. The process of supply of radios sets for long distance learning during lockdown.

III.  Orion Transformers and Electrics Limited was awarded a contract during the lockdown to supply 9 million radio sets to Ugandan homes valued at over 336 Billion Shillings to facilitate the long distance learning program.24    According to the Ministry of Education and Sports, Orion Transformers and Electrics Limited was expected to supply 5 million radio sets valued at Shillings 33,000 each while the remaining 4 million radio sets were to be imported at UGX 42,000 each.25     However, following the Budget Committees decision in Parliament to carry out due diligence at the company to ascertain whether it had capacity to deliver the supply, it was discovered that there was a total disconnect between what was found in the company and information from flowing from Ministry of Education and Sports.

Image removed.The Members of Parliament from the Committee found that the company had no single set on the Ugandan market, neither did it possess any signs of manufacturing radios.26       It can only

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Image removed.assemble and the assembling plant was not in place at the time of the contract yet the Ministry of information was stating the company is already making the radios.27    Questions arose as to whether the procurement procedures through the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority were followed before award of the contract to the local firm; and how they arrived at the market value of the radio sets which were not on the Ugandan market.28   It is from the above that the members of parliamentarians unanimously agreed that the company which was fronted by the Ministry and dealing in assembling transformers and woofers did not have the capacity to produce these radios locally.29

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