“One of the challenges  of a democratic  government  is making sure that even in the midst of emergencies and passions, we make sure that rule of law and the basic precepts of justice and liberty prevail.” Barrack Obama

As Uganda Law Society, we believe that sustainable social, political, and economic progress can only exist in societies where the Rule of Law is respected. It is on this premise that I am honored to present to you this edition of the Uganda Law Society (ULS) Quarterly Report on the state of the Rule of Law, analyzing the period of July – September 2020.

My sincere gratitude goes to the Rule of Law Advisory Panel chaired by Prof. Fredrick Ssempebwa for their continued invaluable support to the Secretariat team during the compilation of this report. I would like to acknowledge the input of the Rule of Law Strategic and Litigation Committee for their support towards the compilation of this report.

As a growing democracy, Uganda is one of the countries that has been challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic which continues to unmask the sad truth in our society and the work that lays lies ahead. The Pandemic and the SOP restrictions have only served to exercerbate the violation of the rule of law as various enforcement agencies abuse the power at their disposal in the enforcement of said SOPs.

The recent election violence has seen Ugandans lose their lives and livelihood to the excessive force use by the armed forces to quell civilian uprisings.

We take cognizance of the occurrence of numerous human rights violations that have continued to prevail under this quarter which include; Infringement of the freedom of expression and association, abuse of children’s rights, serial murders, teenage pregnancies, lack of accountability and transparency among others.

The focus of this report provides a critical evaluation of the performance  of this country under pandemic times as well as the reduced COViD-19 restrictions in terms of protecting and promoting the rule of law in Uganda. We target both state and non-state actors in ensuring that they adopt a more proactive approach in dealing with the human rights and rule of law challenges in the country.

We as the ULS Secretariat remain religious to the implementation of the ULS Vision and its strategic objectives. In this regard therefore and on behalf of the Secretariat, I wish to urge all the relevant stakeholders to take note of the recommendations made in this report and ensure that we adopt a Faithful, Available and Teachable (F.A.T) approach towards the necessary adjustments to enable us to uphold the rule of law in Uganda at all times.


To be a Proficient Bar Association  in Fostering  Access to Justice, the Rule of Law and Good

Governance in Uganda”

For God and My Country


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President – Uganda Law Society