The Amnesty Law Project


Following the award of a grant by the MacArthur Foundation, the Uganda Law Society (ULS) together with its three main project partners - the Uganda Law Reform Commission (ULRC), the Law Development Centre (LDC) and the Justice and Reconciliation Project (JRP) commenced the Amnesty Law Project in October 2013. This 3-year project is a multi-stakeholder initiative to ensure domestic accountability for atrocities or crimes in post-conflict Uganda. Specifically, the ULS will coordinate a coalition of government and civil society organizations including victim communities, to conduct a comprehensive (victim-inclusive) and interactive research to inform revision of the amnesty law; to effectively address the needs of victim communities, prosecute those most culpable for atrocious crimes, and provide immunity on a conditional basis. Overall the project seeks to ensure that the law on Amnesty promotes principles of natural justice and accountability, respects, promotes and protects human rights as well as providing adequate redress and reparation to victims. This project will supplement (with respect to the amnesty component) Government’s ongoing efforts to develop an effective transitional justice legal framework; with a cardinal objective of ensuring that the whole process is participatory and reflects well-balanced views and concerns.


Oct 19
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Dec 15
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