"Being democratic is not enough, a majority cannot turn what is wrong into right. In order to be considered truly free, countries must also have a deep love of liberty and an abiding respect for the rule of law." ~ Margaret Thatcher

The Uganda Law Society (ULS), believes that sustainable social, political, and economic progress can only exist in societies where the Rule of Law exists. It is from this premise that I am honored to present to you the First Quarterly Report for the year 2021 and the seventeenth issue overall on the State of the Rule of Law. The report presents and analyses issues affecting the rule of law as well as the developments that transpired around the country in the period of January to March 2021.

My sincere gratitude goes to the ULS Rule of Law Strategic

and Litigation Committee for their continued invaluable support to the Secretariat team during the compilation of this report.

The review of this quarter covers the State of Human Rights as well as Due Process and Climate of Legality. This quarter specifically points to the human rights abuses that include infringements to media freedoms, arbitrary arrests, detention and disappearances of citizens during the 2021 general elections. The issue of civic rights as well as issues regarding the legality of the court martial to try civilians are also addressed in the report.

Saddening as the foregoing pinch of examples may be, the focus of this report provides a critical analysis and evaluation of the performance of this country post the lock down period more so during the recent election season in terms of protecting and promoting the rule of law in Uganda. In lieu of the Rule of Law issues highlighted in the report, necessary recommendations have also been made to the relevant stakeholders for action. We target both state and non-state actors in ensuring that they adopt a more proactive approach in dealing with human rights and rule of law challenges in the country.

As the Uganda Law Society, we remain devout to the implementation of the ULS Vision and its strategic objectives. In this regard therefore and on behalf of the ULS membership, I wish to urge all the relevant stakeholders to take note of the recommendations made in this report and ensure that we adopt a Faithful, Available and Teachable (F.A.T) approach towards the necessary adjustments to enable us to uphold the rule of law in Uganda at all times.

“To be a Proficient Bar Association in Fostering Access to Justice, the Rule of Law and Good Governance in Uganda”

For God and My Country

Pheona Nabasa Wall ULS President