Uganda Law Society joins Uganda to commemorate the Martyrs’ Day 2021.
This day comes at a time when the world is facing several challenges and trying
to cope with the devastating effects of COVID 19 on the world economy.
Uganda has not been spared of these devastating effects. As the Uganda Law
Society, we stand with all Ugandans that are facing and going through these
The Martyrs’ Day is an annual celebration where we remember the believers
who lost their lives because of their devotion to faith. This monumental day
dates back to the period of the coming of Christianity into Uganda which
marked a great milestone in what faith looks like today. The actions of the
Uganda Martyrs would later shape the right of expression and the right to
practice one’s faith as enshrined in the 1995 Constitution of Uganda under
Article 29(1)(c).
We take cognizance of the challenging times within which we live today as well
as the necessity to practice religion within the parameters set to safeguard
against the deadly COVID-19 disease. We recognize the occupational health
and safety of the religious leaders and the church goers in the face of COVID-19
and further emphasize the need to prioritize protection of each person during
any such gatherings. Pursuant to the foregoing, we remember all those
religious leaders that we have lost during this tough time and accordingly
commend those who are on the front line despite the pandemic. We commend
the Church in it's faithful efforts to have the public follow the rules on
protection against COVID-19. We also thank the Government for upholding the
right to practice one’s faith within such challenging times while creating spaces
for the continuous immunization of the communities to ensure protection
against the virus.
As we celebrate this day, we urge all stakeholders and the public to follow the
given Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P.s) by the Ministry of Health to
ensure that the believers are in good health and spiritual condition.

ULS Committee
Pheona Nabasa-Wall