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Uganda Law Society Membership

The Uganda Law Society is the Bar Association for lawyers in Uganda. From negotiating with and lobbying the profession’s regulators, government and others, to offering training and advice, we are here to help, protect and promote lawyers across Uganda. The Uganda Law Society also provides professional services, resources, support and benefits to its members and engages in activities designed to improve access to justice. 

Members in the Uganda Law Society enjoy access to an assortment of benefits to help them become a better legal professional and assist with advocacy for the rule of law in Uganda and around the world that can broadly be categorized.

Our Mission

To Develop a Skilled and Empowered Legal Profession in Execution of its Statutory Mandate to Foster and Improve Access to and Administration of Justice as well as Good Governance in Uganda.

Our Vision

To be a Proficient Bar Association in Fostering Access to Justice, the Rule of Law and Good Governance in Uganda.

Strategic Objectives

Shared Values

The Principles we uphold:

Our Governance Framework

The responsibility for good governance rests with the Executive Council of the Uganda Law Society, which reports to the General Assembly of the ULS Membership.


The Executive Council is enabled by the Uganda Law Society Act of 1956, CAP 276 of the Laws of Uganda to retain certain matters for its own preserve; other specific responsibilities are delegated to its principal Committees.

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