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Abduction of MP Paul Akamba by Gunmen Following Bail Release is Blatant Violation of Law, says ULS President

Bernard Oundo, President of the Uganda Law Society (ULS) has condemned the abduction of Busiki County MP Paul Akamba in the strongest terms, calling it a “blatant violation of law” and an attack on the country’s judicial independence.

In a statement issued by the Law Society on Friday, Mr Oundo castigated the continued violation of law by the security groups and painted an inhumane image of violation of human rights and the rule of law.

“This appalling incident marks an alarming return of the dark days of violent interference in the judicial process by armed security operatives in blatant disregard of court orders granting accused persons bail and further in violation of the constitutional rights of the accused persons as well as the independence of the judiciary,” stated Mr. Oundo.

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